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Online healing workshops, healing events and community forum, all with the aim to help you to empower yourself, to be the very best that you are!

My name is Anne Jones, I am a spiritual healer. I have created this website in order to make my work more accessible, to help you to be empowered in every area of your life.


Does your energy get effected by the people around you?
My Healing Negative Energies e-course shows you how to protect your energy on a daily basis
Is your life stressful, do you feel disturbed by other people; is your life out of balance?
My monthly recorded healing sessions cover these problems and more
Would you like to escape from the rigours of your daily life with a relaxing and uplifting meditation?
I record a new meditation every month for members of The Power of You
Would you love to learn to heal?
My Healing distance learning courses will show you how
Do you have problems with your relationships or finding love?
I offer members discounts for the my monthly interactive on-line workshops that help you heal and empower all aspects of your life

I am sharing all I have learnt through channelled knowledge from the Masters and from experiences with clients over 20 years of healing sessions, workshops and retreats.

What does The Power of You Community Membership Include?


Members Forum

The place to chat about healing, tips, share stories, experiences and spiritual matters.

Distance Learning Courses

Unlimited Access to all Anne's comprehensive step by step healing courses!

Video, Audio & Written Lessons.

  • Healing Negative Energies
  • Introduction to Energy Healing
  • Symbol Healing for the Heart & Soul

News & Updates

Regular Community News, Updates, Blogs, Video Blogs & Podcasts.

Priority Q&A's

Have you a question for Anne?

Send a question to my blog site or use the "Ask Anne" area on the forum.

Monthly Distant Healing Event

Inclusion in the Power of You members monthly distant healing event, this event will be based on requests that you make through the forum.

Recording available each month.

Discount Shopping

Exclusive 15% discount on all Anne's healing tools at

Early Bird Discounts

  • Exclusive Early Bird offers.
  • ALL seminars & retreats!

Regular Interactive Video Healing Workshops with Anne!

Helping you heal and empower all aspects of your life through your heart.

Choose how you participate - Join in live or watch the recording later.

Significant member discounts

Monthly Meditations

Recorded meditation from Anne for you to listen to whenever you chose. Topics to help you in all areas of life.

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